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Proceedings of Gubkin University

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Litvin Artem A.1,
Masiutin Iakov A.1,
Novikov Andrei A.1,
Vinokurov Vladimir A.1

1 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Keywords: cellulose, crystallinity, irradiation pretreatment, ionic liquids, oxidative pretreatment, hydrolysis, powder diffraction


The impact of various pretreatment techniques of cellulosic feedstock (microcrystalline cellulose Avicel, pine sawdust) on the degree of cellulose crystallinity was studied. By means of powder diffractionit was established that the highest impact on lowering of the cellulose crystallinity degree was achieved through pretreatment by the mixture of ionic liquidsand by preliminary Y-irradiation with the dose of absorbance of 100 kGy. The substrates obtained through pretreatment could further be subjected to hydrolysis to glucose, which in turn is a source of ethanol, butanol-1, 2,5-dimethylfuran, and some other compounds that could be used as high-energy additives to conventional hydrocarbon fuels.


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