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«Onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction»

ISSN 0130-3872

Onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction
On the state of clay rocks during osmotic flow

UDC: 522.245.3:678.7
DOI: 10.33285/0130-3872-2022-11(359)-47-49



1 Samara State Technical University, Samara, Russia

Keywords: moistening of clay deposits, direct and reverse osmosis, washing liquid filtrate, stability and destruction of clay rock, binding-strengthening effect of polymer reagents


The relationship between the stability of clay deposits and the natural moisture content of clays is considered. On the basis of the researches, the data on the influence of the direction of osmotic flows, the content of salt and polymer reagent in a clay sample or in an aqueous medium on the steady state of clay rock are presented.


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