Научно-технический журнал

«Onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction»

ISSN 0130-3872

The founder of the journal is Gubkin University.

12 issues. 6 months subscription is available.

The most relevant scientific and production-related issues in the field of engineering and technology for onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction are published in the In the articles of the journal. Much attention is paid to the latest achievements in rig construction, drilling technology for vertical, directional, horizontal, branched horizontal, deep and superdeep wells; prevention and elimination of complications and accidents, as well as completion of wells (opening, testing, testing of layers in the process of well drilling and development after completion of drilling).

A significant place in the journal is devoted to articles containing materials on the preparation and cleaning of drilling fluids, well casing and technical means for drilling wells (rock cutting tools, downhole motors, bottom hole assemblies, drilling, casing and tubing). Materials on the improvement of surface drilling equipment are systematically published: drilling rigs and other specialized equipment.

Media registration certificate PI No. FS 77-77940 dated 19.02.2020.

The journal is included in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

The two-year impact factor of the Russian Science Citation Index, taking into account citations from all sources, is 0.284.

The scientific and technical journal "Onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction" (as of 17.02.2016) is included in the international abstract database and citation system Chemical Abstracts.

The journal is included in the new list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor or Candidate of Sciences should be published in the following science fields:

  • 25.00.14. Equipment and technology of geological exploration
  • 25.00.15. Drilling and well development technology
  • 25.00.17. Development and operation of oil and gas fields
  • 25.00.18. Technology for the development of offshore mineral deposits
  • 05.02.13. Machines, aggregates, processes (by industry).