Scientific and technical journal

«Equipment and technologies for oil and gas complex»

ISSN 1999-6934


UDC: 338
DOI: 10.33285/1999-6942-2021-03(195)-35-39



1 National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University", Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: economics, management, transformation, digitalization, oil and gas companies, networking structure, outsourcing, blockchain, emerging technologies, energy markets, uncertainty


The growing unpredictability of energy markets supplemented by internal aspects of inflexible and excessively linear resource management in the conditions of tight vertical integration makes it essential today to build a highly risk-adaptive differentiated business model of oil and gas companies. The management structure, which can be transformed quite effectively considering either external or internal challenges, is based on three consecutive processes: the disintegration of the value chain, the decentralization of the management model and the transition to the networking principle of business organization. Digital technologies play an increasing role in the described global transition, forming new mechanisms of interaction between people and companies in general. The paper proposes the transformation of the outsourcing model, one of the most influential factors in the value chain disintegration process, also providing an authors’ approach to uncertainty modeling. The given model also proves a necessity for transformation processes described above.


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