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«Geology, geophysics and development of oil and gas fields»

ISSN 2413-5011

Geology, geophysics and development of oil and gas fields
A technology for measuring bulk density (porosity) of rocks in horizontal wells using azimuthal gamma-gamma density logging equipment

UDC: 622.276.031.011(431.2+433.2):550.832.552
DOI: 10.33285/2413-5011-2022-11(371)-71-75



1 LUKOIL-Engineering Limited KogalymNIPIneft Branch Office in Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia

Keywords: horizontal well, volume density, porosity, azimuthal logging, gamma-gamma volume logging, visualization (image), drilling efficiency


In the course of the work, various companies, including foreign ones, analyzed the interpretation of the azimuthal gamma-gamma volume logging (GGVL) recorded during drilling in horizontal wells. The technology for determining volume density (porosity) by the azimuthal gamma-gamma density logging data, which is currently used, has a number of significant drawbacks. The article presents an improved technology that allows more accurate determination of porosity. To control the results obtained as a result of the presented technology application, the data on pilot wellbores, including those with core samples, were used. Currently, the technology is used during processing and interpretation of azimuthal GGVL data in all horizontal wells of PJSC "LUKOIL" drilled in the Western Siberia.


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