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«Problems of economics and management of oil and gas complex»

ISSN 1999-6942

Problems of economics and management of oil and gas complex
Overview of foreign hydrogen strategies

UDC: 620.9
DOI: 10.33285/1999-6942-2022-11(215)-43-47



1 National University of Oil and Gas ″Gubkin University″, Moscow, Russia

Keywords: hydrogen fuel, green hydrogen, hydrogen energy, hydrogen production technologies, innovative approaches, hydrogen strategies


Hydrogen is a light, storable and energy-intensive fuel and its use as a fuel does not cause direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. The main obstacle to the widespread use of low-carbon hydrogen is the cost of its production, which requires either a large amount of electricity to produce it from water or the use of carbon capture technologies if hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels. A number of states of the world have published hydrogen strategies. The authors of the article present an overview of these strategies.


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