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Proceedings of Gubkin University

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Pedchenko L.A.1,
Pedchenko M.M.1

1 Poltava National Technical University

Keywords: grain, gas hydrate blocks, gas hydrates, porosity, compression, relaxation, dissociation, self-preservation


Problems of accumulation, transportation and storage of gases or gas mixtures are quite frequent. Transportation and storage of gas in hydrate form may be an alternative to traditional technologies. We propose a method and the basic elements of production technology of large ice-gas-hydrate blocks. These blocks can be manufactured in the form of a regular hexagonal prism or cylinder. An innovative design solution of gas-hydrate blocks construction - formation of a mixture of granulated (minimum porosity) and crushed hydrate with a specific ratio - is proposed and tested. In addition, to improve stability self-conservation of the formed blocks with ice is proposed.


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