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«Proceedings of Gubkin University»

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Proceedings of Gubkin University

UDC: 622.692.4.053
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Didkovskaya Alla S.

Keywords: pipeline, pumping station, pumping unit, electromotive point, rotor speed, starting mode-synchronous speed, synchronization, rundown, rundown period, calculation


Transients that occur in the pipeline in the process of starting and shutting down the pumps of booster stations are considered. The duration of these processes, changes in the number of revolutions of the rotors pumps, as well as changes over time the oil flow and differential pressure of the booster station pumps are investigated. It is shown that starts and stops of the station are fraught with emergencies. Start of the pumps may lead to a considerable reduction of the pressure upstream of the station and, as a consequence, to the emergency shutdown of the station on condition of minimal permissible pressure in the suction line. The pump shutdown leads to a rapid increase in the pressure upstream of the station and spread of the pressure emerging wave upstream, thus threatening the integrity of the pipeline. The paper presents a mathematical model and the startup and shutdown, formulates the mathematical problem of determining the parameters of these processes and provides a method of its decision, allowing to quantify the parameters of both processes.


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