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Proceedings of Gubkin University

UDC: 550.8
DOI: 10.33285/2073-9028-2019-3(296)-32-49


Mohammed Kardo S.1,
Kosenkova Natalia N.1

1 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University), Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: facies analysis, sedimentary environments, Lower Miocene formations, Jeribe, Dhiban, Euphrates, basal anhydrite, Kurdistan


The article uses data on the recently discovered oil fields of Sargala and Shakal, in the zone of the Kirkuk basin of the Zagros folded-thrust belt. The Lower Miocene formations (Euphrates and Jeribe) are the target objects of the tertiary oil and gas system in Iraqi Kurdistan, along with the Oligocene (Kirkuk). Formations are composed of carbonates with a few interbeds of evaporites of the Dhiban formation. In the framework of this study, 15 facies were identified based on the analysis of faunal residues (mainly benthic foraminifera) and texture-structural characteristics of sedimentary rocks. The facies of the Jeribe formation showed to be deposited of the inner part of the carbonate ramp, while the Dhiban formation corresponds to the conditions of the coastal Sebkha and isolated lagoon and shallow waters of the open sea. The Euphrates Formation was deposited in an open shallow-marine environment to the isolated lagoon.


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