Scientific and technical journal

«Proceedings of Gubkin University»

ISSN 2073-9028


UDC: 665.613.24:665.6.033.28
DOI: 10.33285/2073-9028-2021-4(305)-173-181


Cheshkova Tatyana V.1,
Arysheva Anastasia D.1,
Sagachenko Tatyana A.1,
Min Raisa S.1,
Kopytov Mikhail A.1,
Golushkova Evgenia B.2

1 Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS, Tomsk, Russian Federation
2 National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russian Federation

Keywords: oil, fuel oil, resins, structural-group composition, selective chemical destruction, fragments bound by aliphatic C-O and C-S bridges, composition


A comparative study of the structural characteristics of resins isolated from fuel oil and highly resinous heavy oil from the Usinskoye field and the composition of fragments bound in resin molecules through ether and sulfide bridges was carried out. It was shown that the molecular mass of the resins decreased as a result of conversion. This was due to a decrease in the number of building blocks in their mean molecules. The increase in the number of naphthenic rings in the naphthenoaromatic system of such blocks was due to the occurrence of cyclization reactions of hydrocarbon radicals formed during the cleavage of labile C-C, C-S, or C-O bonds. It was found out that the main contribution to the structure of the resin components of oil was made by fragments connected mainly through the functional group of esters.


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