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«Automation and Informatization of the fuel and energy complex»

ISSN 0132-2222

Automation and Informatization of the fuel and energy complex
Search for the optimal control of the petrochemical processes with terminal constraints based on the differential evolution method

UDC: 519.6:004.4
DOI: 10.33285/2782-604X-2023-2(595)-31-36



1 Ufa University of Science and Technology, Ufa, Russia

Keywords: optimal control, penalty method, differential evolution, terminal constraints, petrochemical process, maximum principle, optimal trajectory


The article is devoted to the development of a method for solving the problem of optimal control over a petrochemical process with terminal constraints. The optimal control problem with terminal constraints and constraints on the control parameter is formulated in general terms. A method for solving the set problem based on the penalty method and the differential evolution method is presented. The penalty method reduces a problem with terminal constraints to an optimal control problem that does not contain constraints imposed on phase variables. To solve the new problem, the application of the differential evolution method is proposed. A computational experiment was carried out as a model example, as a result of which the vector of the optimal process control and the corresponding vectors of phase variables were calculated. The numerical solution of the optimal control problem with terminal constraints is compared with the solution obtained using the Pontryagin maximum principle. It is shown that the solution calculated by the evolutionary method agrees satisfactorily with the analytical solution.


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